Owensboro Health | Lift | December 2018

6 Owensboro Health • December 2018 THE HEALTHPARK A great place to out Since 1998, the Owensboro Health Healthpark has been making a name for itself in the Owensboro and Daviess County area. For the patients and members the Healthpark serves, it’s more than just a gym. It’s a medical-based fitness center, complete with a natatorium, classrooms, kitchen facilities for nutrition classes, child care services and much more. For the staff who have helped make the Healthpark successful, it’s also more than just a job. There’s a sense of teamwork and family. Some of those staff members had already been working for Owensboro-Daviess County Hospital or Our Lady of Mercy Hospital for years when the two merged to form Owensboro Health in 1995. And now the Healthpark employs over 100 people, with some being with Owensboro Health for over 40 years! At the Healthpark, the physical therapy team is a close-knit crew. Many of them have been with Owensboro Health (or its predecessor healthcare facilities) for 15 or more years. Bruce Mauzy, director of Therapy Services, said he’s proud of his team. “A physical therapist is a curious combination of jobs,” Mauzy said. “They’re healers, coaches, motivational speakers and sometimes just a touch of a demanding authority figure. They help patients get better, teach patients how to help themselves, and encourage and coax patients to work just a little bit harder toward a goal.” Mauzy said he is gratified to have a team that is unified in its pursuit of taking the best possible care of patients. “It takes a special person to work in physical therapy. We want to be a positive influence for the patients in our care. We may push them that extra bit, but we do that knowing it can help make for an easier, better recovery,” Mauzy said. “I’m so proud to work with this team. They truly have a heart for our patients and are always wanting to do what it takes to give our patients the best possible care.” work A deep bench: These physical therapists have worked with Owensboro Health for 15 years or more. More like a family: These Healthpark team members have been here since it opened, and they know it is much more than a great place to work out.