Owensboro Health | Lift | December 2018

Move More Healthpa k To make a reservation at the Playpark, call 270-688-4775 . OwensboroHealth.org  3 Let ‘em The Playpark at the Owensboro Health Healthpark welcomes children ages 6 weeks to 12 years, offering babysitting services by trained staff in a friendly environment. For parents with busy schedules, the Playpark can make the difference, offering you peace of mind and quality child care while you are at the Healthpark. The Playpark is open on the following schedule: » » Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. » » Saturday: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. » » Children can stay at the Playpark for up to two hours Child care at the Playpark is available on a daily, monthly or 12-visit basis: » » Day pass (up to two hours): $3.50 » » Monthly pass: $33 for the first child and $18 for each additional child » » 12 visits: $38 for up to 12 visits in one year A family tradition Don Schmied couldn’t keep the Healthpark to himself You can find Don Schmied at the Healthpark five times a week. You might have to do some looking around, though. At the Healthpark, Don might be stretching on the fitness floor. He also might be on a FreeMotion cable machine, in an aerobics class, walking the track or swimming in the pool. “I was doing a lot of activities on my own,” Don said. “This affords me one place where I can do it all at one time.” Don said it’s hard to keep quiet about it because he enjoys it so much. The staff are always friendly and they even know which locker he prefers. “All the staff from the top to the bottom are fantastic,” Don said. He liked it so much, there are now three generations of Schmieds that can be found at the Healthpark at one time or another. His son, Brad Schmied, is usually poolside, coaching the Owensboro High School Devilfish swim team. Kenessen Schmied, Brad’s 7-year-old daughter, is at the Healthpark quite a bit too. She swims in the pool as part of a local swim team and also spends time in the Playpark, making new friends. For Don, the Healthpark is important because of how it makes him feel. By staying active and exercising, he is able to relieve some of his back pain and take advantage of the post-workout endorphins that boost his mood. “I like being active,” Don said. “Swimming stretches me out and relaxes me.” Don said he doesn’t see a point in keeping his opinion about the Healthpark to himself. That’s why he told his family about it. “I would recommend this place highly to everybody,” Don said. play!